Country hospital, Thorshavn / Faroe Islands, Denmark

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The Country hospital in Thorshavn on the Faroe Islands, is expanding with an additional hospital building of 14,500 m2.

In the new building there will be a medical department, bed rooms, birth rooms, psychiatric department, rehabilitation room and kitchen. The technical room is on the roof and partly in the basement. In addition, there will be a lift tower, which ensures hygiene/handling/environment around the beds.

The building's energy-efficiency rate is high, as all the heating in the new hospital building will come from green energy. First, the surplus heat from the new hospital building will be used and in addition, as something very exceptional, marine energy will be used for heating as well. This means, that the surplus energy will be supplemented with marine energy from heat pumps.

DELTABEAM® Composite beams were an obvious choice for construction. The builder wanted a slim floor solution, to make the floor height as low as possible.

There are only few precast factories on the Faroe Islands. Therefore, most of the items needs to be transported by ships from other countries. We deliver composite beams which are cast out with concrete after installation and thus weigh significantly less than prefabricated concrete beams, which also makes them a preferable choice.

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Peikko excelled itself as being competitive and at the same time having the best documented property in the fire situation for their composite beams. As a contractor, one can expect some coordination between Peikko and the hollow-core supplier, in order to clarify statics in the fire situation and other relevant issues. They have been listening, in front, and being proactive and flexible when solving the detail challenges, making it as effective as possible when installing on site. This we appreciate at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thorbjørn Jørgensen, Projektleder, MT Højgaard

О проекте

Общая площадь:
14,500 m2
Строительная компания:
MT Højgaard, Færøerne
LBF Rådgivende ingeniører (andet på Færørsk)
FAERPORT ll Árni Winther Arkitektar
Завод ЖБИ:
Contiga Tinglev
Дата поставок:
Год завершения строительства:

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